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Sept. 2009 - The Poser Tube section and the Poser Mystery Section are now open.

Free Poser Content

Click the link above or the image to the left to access free 3D models for Poser. These free 3D models are some of the most popular 3D content on the Internet. If you are looking for an affordable way to build your Poser library then this is one of the best ways to do it. New and free Poser content is added often.



Free Mixed Poser Content

Click the link above or the image to the left to access more than 24,000 free 3D models for use in Poser. You'll find a large variety of poses, models, clothing, props and more at this site. Take a look at their selection and enjoy downloading their 3D content.

Note: Look for the Free Stuff link after clicking on the link.


Free 3D Content from Content Paradise

Click the link above to get access Content Paradise's free 3D content. Content Paradise recently had a new make over and now doesn't have as much free content available as before. The best thing about Content Paradise is that they are owned by the same company that makes Poser so you can find a lot of 3D content that is specifically made for Poser's default characters as well as content for Aiko, Victoria, Hiro, and other popular 3D models.


Free Poser By Design Mystery Characters

Poser By Design will be selling our unique character morphs in November 2009, but until then our readers will have a chance to get our unique character morphs for free in our Mystery Characters section. Each week we will post a finished render of the character along with the morph settings that you'll need to save.


Poser Tubes

We create tons of images in the process of making the art that you see on Poser By Design. Most of our 3D renders come from creative sessions where we are just messing around trying to think of a new idea or a new scene. It's because of our creative sessions that we have some renders that we aren't using or won't be using. We are now overing these images as .png files for your use. We didn't want you to have all of test renders so we added a few of our good renders in the mix..




New Improvements have been made to the Poser By Design Site

Search Features

New Tutorials

Free Membership

Monthly Discounts and Coupons

Fun Polls

Better Content Gallery

Indirect Lighting Tutorials

Free Poser Tubes

Easier Navigation

Give Aways and More

Poser Tubes Are Here!

You can now get tubes of our characters in various poses.

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