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Rendering Tutorial #1

This is a great tutorial for beginners that takes you step-by-step in creating an eye catching tag for your website. This tutorial covers everything from beginning to end and includes: using character textures, posing, lighting, background creation, and postwork. You won't get lost in this tutorial we have included everything including the settings that were used. Poser by Design makes it easy to learn how to make great poser art with a purpose.


Gaussian Background Tutorial #1

If you are always trying to think of a faster way to make a good background for your 3D Portraits then using the Gaussian Blur is the quickest method to creating unique backgrounds that will help to make your art stand out. It also helps to cut down on the time needed to create art. This tutorial will teach you how to create similar backgrounds to the background used on the image to the left, which also used the Gaussian Blur Tool.


Character creation and Poser Material Room Tutorial #1

One of the most useful feature that Poser 7 and Poser Pro has is the Material Room. The Material Room allows you to change the color and the tones of your 3d Models skin without changing the color of the lights. This is a useful feature especially when trying to give your Poser Characters an ethnic look. This Poser tutorial will show you how to create an ethnic skin tone out of the Aiko 3 base and it will cover a little bit of character creation.


Burn, Dodge, Gaussian Blur Postwork Tutorial #1

This tutorial will expand your creativity and will teach you some basic postwork effects that can be done by anyone. The goal of this tutorial is to teach how to recognize when to use and how to use the Burn, Dodge, and Gaussian Blur tools in your Postwork efforts. Although many use postwork to correct mistakes, you will be using it to ehance pictures and to expand your creative talents.


New Tutorials Coming Soon

Past Cover Tutorials
  1. July / August 2009 Tutorial
3D Model Material Tutorials

We are working on a few 3D material tutorials to help you deal with material problems like bad fur and plastic looking renders.

Use our Settings (coming soon)

Soon you will have the same Poser settings used in creating our art and tutorials.


Corel Painter Sketch Pad

Corel Painter Sketch Pad


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